Bad Credit Loans

Take care of urgent needs, no matter your financial past

At Sun Loan, we look at much more than just your credit score, which means having bad credit doesn’t mean you’ll be turned down for a personal installment loan

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Who can benefit from a bad credit loan?

We know that having bad credit doesn’t always equal being bad with money. Here are just some examples of the types of individuals we try to help by offering loans that look at more than just your credit score.

Those new to borrowing and credit

Building your credit is a lifelong journey. We’re here to help you take your first steps, even if you’ve been turned down before.

Those who’ve been burned by predatory lending

Turn the corner from bad experiences with our low monthly payments and easy-to-understand terms

What are the benefits of getting a personal installment loan despite bad credit?


Holistic approval process

We look at borrowers’ overall ability to repay, including current employment, repayment history, and more. That means more chances to qualify for a loan.


Chance to establish your credit

We report to all three major credit bureaus, allowing you to establish or re-establish your credit over time if you repay your loans consistently


Affordable monthly payments

We offer fair, clear terms so you’ll never be caught off-guard by surprise fees – allowing you to responsibly budget toward a better future

Hear from our customers

Valerie Castillo


Marlen was very friendly and professional. They helped raise my credit score within a few months while providing excellent customer service.

Taryn Ortegon


Blanche is very professional, she helped me start my credit.

Leslie Trahan


Just finished with Tabitha, this lady right here gave me more than I was expecting. Tabitha and Destiny are the best. This company gave me a fresh start, will always be back. Thank you guys

Pedro Garcia


Well, after being turned down out of every loan place in town Sun Loans was actually sincere enough to actually go through the credit report and work with me not like other loan companies. I highly recommend. They actually look at you as a person and not a credit score.

Selena Ramirez


Veronica was a huge help, I’m working towards building my credit and she was able to get me approved! Everything was super simple and fast. She also gave me advice to help build faster. Thanks again Veronica ❤️

Frequently asked questions about bad credit loans

Every lender has their own policies when it comes to what they look at when deciding whether to approve a loan. At Sun Loan, we understand that your ability to repay doesn’t just come down to a credit score, so we look at your overall ability to repay. That means you have a fair chance of being approved for a personal installment loan even if you have bad credit.

According to credit reporting agency Experian, ‘credit’ is defined as the ability to borrow money or access services with the understanding that you are able to pay later. The main factors that go into calculating a credit score are: payment history, amounts owed, credit history length, credit mix, and new credit.

Experian states that any score between 300 and 669 may be considered poor credit, as this range is often considered by lenders to be “subprime.”

While some personal installment loan lenders do have minimum credit scores needed for approval, Sun Loan does not. We pride ourselves on giving hardworking individuals a chance to deal with their financial stressors, even if they don’t have excellent credit.

Although people with bad credit may be eligible for a number of both secured and unsecured loans, not all borrowing opportunities are created equal. When comparing options for a bad credit loan, make sure to evaluate the lender’s loan terms; monthly payment amount, fees & penalties, APR, financing length, and credit terms. It’s important to look for a bad credit loan with a monthly payment that fits within your budget, so you can comfortably repay it and help build your credit for the future.

Sun Loan offers the same reasonable rate to everyone approved for one of our personal installment loans. That means you will never have to pay back more than someone with better credit if you are able to consistently meet your repayment schedule.

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