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Simplify your monthly bills and get back in control of your finances

With loans up to $10,000, we’re here to help you pay off existing debts and be left with an affordable monthly payment and a solid path to establishing your credit history

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Why should you consider debt consolidation?

There are multiple good reasons to consider paying off several smaller loans from different creditors with a single personal installment loan from Sun Loan.


Streamline bills and due dates

Minimize hassle and avoid accidental late fees with just a single payment to keep track of every month


Lock in a loan term with no surprises

Avoid balloon payments, rising interest rates and other unpleasant surprises with a fixed-rate monthly fee

What are the benefits of consolidating your debt?


Quick and simple process

Apply online or in-branch and get funding as soon as the same day! During business hours, find out how much you’re eligible for on the same day.


Clear pay-off date

Working toward a single, clear goal rather than juggling multiple types of debt makes it easier to take charge of your financial future.


Affordable monthly payments

Know exactly how much your monthly payment will be to help you manage your budget responsibly and work towards establishing your credit.

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GingerSnap Moma


I was in a pinch & the folks here in Childress got me approved & out the door fast with no problems. Thanks a bunch!

Charonikee Crosson


Sunloan has been my go to when I Needed fast cash to pay a bill. Your in and out in no time and they are very nice.

Kendra Simpson


When I was in a bind and needed help, they came to my rescue… the staff was really friendly and ready to help! I would recommend them & would go back! Thanks Sunloan

Steven Benzik


Great experience, really help us out in a pinch, girls were fantastic and super helpful highly recommend

Trada lee


I love them!! they gave me a second chance when no one else could. now i’m back on track, credit looks better than ever! i’m glad they gave me the opportunity for a loan in time i truly needed it.

Frequently asked questions about debt consolidation

Different lenders have different policies about what they look at when deciding whether to approve a loan. At Sun Loan, we understand that you’re much more than a credit score, so we look at your overall ability to repay. That means you are likely to be approved for a loan you can use for debt consolidation even if you have bad credit.

Simply put, any credit that isn’t granted with a specific use in mind can be used to consolidate existing loans. All personal installment loans may be used for debt consolidation.

If you’re using a personal installment loan to consolidate existing debt, it may actually help establish your credit. Personal installment lenders like Sun Loan typically report to all three major credit bureaus, meaning consolidating your loans to make it easier to repay on time and then sticking to your monthly repayment schedule will likely have a positive impact on your credit score.

Every lender has different rules for how they qualify candidates. At Sun Loan, we don’t believe in having a minimum credit score. We look at much more – meaning, even applicants with low credit scores may be eligible for a debt consolidation loan.

Many different types of debt can be consolidated, including unsecured personal loans, payday loans, personal lines of credit, gas card bills, hospital bills, utility bills, and more.

If you have questions about whether the debt you’re holding is eligible for consolidation, please reach out. We’d be happy to give you a personalized assessment.

No, even if you are choosing to consolidate a part of your debt, you do not need to consolidate all of it. In fact, not all types of debt are eligible for consolidation. For example, mortgages, home loans, auto loans, boat loans, RV loans, and lawsuits payments are not allowed to be consolidated.

You can receive a personal installment loan for debt consolidation from Sun Loan as soon as the same day. Come into a branch to see how much you’re eligible for and receive your check, or apply online and have money deposited into your account the next day.

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