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Three easy ways to start your tax preparation: online, in-person, or local drop-off. With over 20 years of tax prep experience, tax preparation experts at your local branch will focus on accuracy and making sure you get the biggest refund possible. Plus, we offer tax services year round!


Expecting a refund?

One of the fastest ways to get your tax refund is through our tax refund advance – up to $6,000.*

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*Offer valid from January 2, 2024 – February 29, 2024.
This is a loan and contingent on bank approval.

Hear from tax filing customers

Delesa Miller (Dee Dee)


I love Sun Loan and Sarah Snyder is the she always helps and makes sure my taxes get done right. And she always has a smile on her face. So if your looking for somebody to do your taxes or to get an loan stop by and let Sarah help you.

Andre Alfred


Sunloan been doing my taxes over 4years. They always get me the most money back. Amazing service and always fast and so friendly. Highly recommend.

Colyn Anderson


Maria and Kim and very nice and sweet and very professional. They made me feel very welcome right a away. Maria also help me do my taxes for the first time which was fast and easy. I will be differently be coming back next year to do my taxes again😁



Great staff!! They do taxes and give you free estimates and will even give you an advance on your income tax so definitely hit them up!

Lorenzo Figueroa


Service is good. Fast and easy to apply. They even have service for your income tax return. Thank you Sun loan staff for your service.

Laekyn Nauje’ Moore


I’ve been filing my taxes there for 5 years

Cynthia Beltran


Been comming here for a couple of yrs now to do my taxes..100% recommend.Letty Gonzales is the one who does my taxes very helpful and friendly..The other staff as well is very helpful and friendly..🥰

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taxes

To file your taxes, you will need to bring in or upload your W-2 form(s), your social security number, photo ID, and any 1099 forms you may have received if you are an independent contractor or business owner.

If you file on time, you should get a refund check within 3 to 8 weeks from the date when the IRS receives your filing. Typically, tax returns filed online are processed faster than ones filed by mail. However, if you would like to access your funds even sooner, Sun Loan can help with a Refund Advance when you file before February 29, 2024.

Easy! File online or in-branch with Sun Loan from January 2, 2024 to February 29, 2024 and we’ll cut you a check for your expected refund amount – up to $6,000* – at the time of filing. Check out more details about our refund advance program.

 * This is a loan and approval is contingent on bank approval.

Handling your taxes from home is easy! To begin, call your local Sun Loan branch and request virtual tax prep services. You’ll be texted or emailed a personalized link to begin secure document upload. Once you’ve had a chance to upload your tax documents, we’ll get to work on your filing. When it is complete, you’ll receive a notification that it is time to log in to review your filing and submit an e-signature.

Yes. Like any income, unemployment benefits are considered part of your wages and must be declared. Though various states have different policies about taxing unemployment benefits, they are always taxed at the federal level.

Yes. With two decades of experience in tax filing, we are prepared to handle both your state and federal income tax needs.

Our certified tax prep specialists receive training annually to make sure they’re fully up-to-date on tax law changes and able to file on time, accurately, and using every refund opportunity available in your federal income taxes and well as in your state taxes for Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

We work hard to ensure your taxes are prepared on time, accurately, and with every opportunity to maximize your refund in mind, so there are no financial differences in filing online versus filing in-person. However, e-file options offer more convenience for those hoping to minimize travel and maximize their time, while in-person tax filing opens up opportunities to ask specific questions.

It depends! If you’re expecting a refund, filing early will help you get your cash in hand faster – especially since filing before February 29, 2024 may make you eligible for a Refund Advance. However, if you expect to owe money, it may make more sense to wait until April to file so you have more time to save for your payment.

If you’re owed a refund, you will not be fined for filing late but your refund check will likely be delayed.

If you owe a payment to the IRS and don’t file by the deadline, the consequences are more serious. Penalties and interest start to accrue on the owed amount directly after the tax filing deadline. The late-filing penalty is 5% of the taxes due for each month your return is behind – up to 25% of your due balance if you file more than two months late.

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