Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Every year, every day, we should always show appreciation for the ones we love and love us in return. Those who love us unconditionally hold a special place in our heart. While everyday is important, there is one day that...

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4 Seasonal Expenses You Need Money For

There’s nothing more exciting than the approach of your favorite seasonal time of the year. You might think EVERYONE loves Christmas, but you’d be surprised how many people out there love Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, and yes, even...

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Common Pet Costs You Should Be Prepared For

Fur, feathers, scales, fins – you name it, pets come in all varieties. Pet ownership can be quite unpredictable. If only, they could get a job and help pay some bills!   Your pet’s health is important because they’re family...

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5 Ways to Save Energy And Prevent High Utility Bills

Unpredictable weather can cause your utility expenses to change dramatically. One day it’s just a normal winter day, the next day it’s a polar vortex. How much have extreme weather impacted your bills? Below we’ve shared some key tips that...

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Travel Tips To Make Your Spring Break Exciting

Spring Break is the perfect time to bond with family and friends. It can also be a great opportunity to take a solo trip and reconnect with yourself. Need some ideas on how to make this your best Spring Break...

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