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Car Repair Loans

Having a car is a very important part of your life. It helps you get to work, moves your family around, and also provides the freedom to go where you need to. The feeling you had when you got your first car is unmatched, but few of us consider the cost it takes to keep a car running.

No matter what make or model we drive, there are common repairs that will catch us off guard and cost more than we’re prepared to spend. Nothing can ruin your day more than expensive car repairs that keep you from getting to your destination.

  1. Windshield

It’s all too common to drive down a road or highway and have a rock pop up and damage your windshield. Over time that windshield crack may grow, and in some cases cause your window to shatter. Cracked windshield laws are some of the most important rules of the road because they make sure drivers have a safe view from their vehicle. Driving with a cracked windshield is not only dangerous, but could leave you with a very expensive ticket.

The unexpected price of a cracked to shattered windshield can range from $300-$500.

  1. Radiator

There’s nothing better than an ice cold drink on a hot day! Just like you, your car needs to cool down after a long day of driving, so the radiator is a must. Without it, an overheated car can cause a lot more damage than you expected and really ruin your day.

The price of repairing your radiator ranges from $500-$700.

  1. Water Pump

Remember how the radiator needs that ice cold drink like you? It’s the pump that makes it possible. So these repairs might go hand in hand if the damage is severe. The pump takes all that cooling goodness to your engine to keep things running.

The unexpected cost of repairing your water pump is $500.

  1. New Tires

Nothing keeps you from the wide-open road like bad tires…or no tires. Not only are bad tires dangerous for you and those driving around you, but without them, your car is literally not going anywhere. Overuse and severe weather can cause major wear on your tires.

The cost of buying tires ranges from $200-$800, depending on the number of tires you need to buy.

  1. Belts

These are commonly forgotten, but they play such a vital role in keeping things spinning properly in your car. Belts are known to break most often while driving, so when you get an oil change, or the next time someone is under the hood, have them take a look at your belts. It’s always better to replace them before something happens.

The unexpected cost of repairing a broken belt can range from $400-$900.

  1. Brakes

When it comes time to replace your brakes, many things can be easily overlooked. Brake pads tend to wear down over time so it can be difficult to know when they need replacing. However, delaying this fix can be both costly and dangerous when out on the road. Not only will it cause your brakes to fail, but it can cause damage to other more expensive parts of your car. So, get your brakes checked every 6 months to a year.

The cost of repairing your brake pads can range from $100-$300 per axle.

  1. Regular Car Maintenance

Every 6 months to a year, it’s important to do regular car maintenance. This includes getting your oil changed, having your tires rotated, changing your transmission oil and getting a tune-up. Each item has its own purpose. Tire rotations keep your tires from getting worn down quickly, transmission oil keeps your transmission clean and cool, and tune-ups ensure your car is well updated for the road. If you keep your car maintenance up to date, you’ll avoid more costly automobile repairs down the line!

Any of these scenarios can make your day go from good to bad, instantly. Unexpected costs like this can impact your family, your job, and so much more. Don’t get stuck, let our team get you back on the road with the money you need to make these repairs. Learn how our installment loans are NOT payday loans. They are a better choice for you.

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