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When A Shutdown Delays Tax Returns, You Have Another Option

Federal government shutdowns impact more than government employees. Many Americans fear this will affect their tax return.

So, what does the 2019 government shutdown mean for you and your tax return? The IRS plans to proceed with processing returns but, with only a few of its staff. By recalling a portion of its workforce, the IRS is confident it will provide refunds to taxpayers as scheduled but, many taxpayers are still worried. Read more at

Afterall, you probably have plans for your tax refund. Many families need the money to pay off debts, cover medical expenses, or make necessary car or home repairs. If the IRS fails to deliver on its promise and refunds are delayed, we will need to find other ways to take care of many of these important things.

That’s why a 6K Refund Advance* from Sun Loan may be the solution. This will help you in the short-term until you receive your tax refund. Your installment loan will then be paid back in full with manageable monthly payments. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind.

Here is a list of documents to bring to your Sun Loan office.

  • Social Security number or Tax ID Number (multiple if married)
  • Social Security number for your spouse
  • Social Security numbers for any dependents
  • W-2 forms from all employers for you, your spouse and dependents, (if filing a joint return)

Talk to a Sun Loan representative to get cash in your wallet now and peace of mind knowing you’ll have the money you need.

*contingent on bank approval.