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Saving Money During The Summer

Summer is almost here, and that means humidity, triple digit temperatures, and the desperate need for all of us to crank our air conditioners in our cars and in our homes just that to survive the daytime. Seriously…no one wants to be hot and sweaty.

But before you crank that sweet air conditioner to 60 degrees this summer, let’s talk about ways you can save some money during the summer. It’s easier than you think and after talking to hundreds of customers across the country, we think these tips will help you too!

Summer saving tips

  1. Air Conditioner Control: Unless you’re housing penguins in your home, there’s no need for it to run at 60 degrees while you’re not home. You have two choices here. If you simply do not want to come home to a hot home, then set your air conditioner to 75 degrees so that there is some regulation of temperature. The second option is to turn it off altogether while you’re not home and stop cooling an empty home.
  1. Pass on gas: Driving to work can be a chore, and even though traffic might lighten up during the summer because there’s no school, it’s still a drag to have to pay for a fill up every time you do it. So play it smart and find some co-workers to carpool with. If all of you work the same hours or shift, split the cost of gas, pay less, and save those extra dollars for something else.
  1. Staycations can be just a nice: When you hear summer it’s easy to think of vacations, but many times they can be costly. So why not plan a staycation and experience the city you live in or an nearby major city like a real tourist. You can save on not having to get a hotel, flight expenses, and so much more. Pack some food in a ice chest for extra savings on dining.
  1. Use less hot water: Seriously, what more do we need to say. It feels like 105 degrees outside, why do you even need hot water. Chill out with cooler water and save dollars on energy usage.
  1. Be a fan: Okay, the AC feels great, but maybe it doesn’t work, or maybe it’s just too costly to run. We totally understand, which is why we should get a fan and turn it on where you need it. Whether you’re in the living room, or lying in bed, it can use up less energy, and is only cooling the one area you are in.

It’s amazing how much you can save by just doing one or two of these things. If you’re still in need of money then our team is here for you. Contact or visit a location near you and let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.