I referred a friend and won $50.00, I needed to buy groceries. Thank you ladies I appreciated the help from Sun Loan Company.

Lucy Yatsatie

Gallup, TX

Won $50

Sun Loan is AWESOME!! I rolled the dice for referral money and won, just for sending someone in. I couldn’t be happier with the people at Sun Loan, and would highly recommend them to all of my friends! Thank You Sun Loan!!

Sun Loan, Marcus

Bloomington, IL

Won $50

I won $50 by referring a friend. I was able to take my two kids to McDonald's and go to the movie theaters. Thank you very much.

Keith Barres

Las Vegas, NV

Won $50

Not only did I walk away with extra cash in my pocket, but I also won a 48-in flat screen TV! All that just for referring a customer. It’s an early Christmas for me this year. Thank you, Sun Loan.

Kristol Baca

Socorro, NM

Won $60

I won $100, and will continue referring customers because I appreciate Sun Loan’s great customer service!

Cathleen Sisneros

Dalhart, TX

Won $100

I had just moved into my new home, and was a little short on my deposits. I referred a friend and won $100. Thanks Sun Loan and the Ladies in office # 279. I really appreciate all you do for me and my family.

Jamie Davis

Clinton, OK

Won $100

When Angie called me about winning the TV I felt like I had won the lottery! I was overjoyed and blessed. They were able to help my family member out in their time of need plus I got paid my referral and won the Grand Prize. THANK YOU SUN LOAN!!

Deondraye Jarmon

Austin, TX

Won $50 on Refer and Roll and Grand Prize winnter

WOW! Perfect early X-Mas gift! Referral program is Awesome! I feel on top of the world with the $100 I just won! Thanks Sun Loan!

Sun Loan, Betty

Bloomington, IL

Won $100

I’ve never won anything in my life. This must be my lucky day!


Vernon, TX

Won TV Giveaway

I referred a customer and the $100.00 I won came in handy when I needed it. Thank you Ladies of Sun Loan Company. I appreciate the help again.

Maranda Shorty

Gallup, TX

Won $100

It’s the third time I’ve rolled the dice for referring my friends. I love the way Sun Loan rewards their customers, I’ll keep sending my friends. Thank you to the manager, Barbara, and to her friendly staff for always treating me so well.

Ruby Ortega

San Antonio, TX

Won $100, 50 and 30

I referred a friend and won $100.00!!! I also won the 48” television right before Thanksgiving and I am glad Sun Loan helped me out. I am looking to refer more customers to roll again. Thanks Sun Loan.

Sheldon Tsaipi

Gallup, TX

Won $100

Hi my name is Letsy Buelvas. I am a customer of Sun Loan. I participated in the Refer n’ Roll program and I won $30. I was able to pump gas in my vehicle. It was a very fun game. I want to thank Fabian, Maria and Sun Loan for having me as a customer.

Letsy Buelvas

Henderson, NV

Won $30

I won $30.00 and $100.00. It was awesome and at the time I wasn’t working so that money really came in handy. I can’t wait to come and roll the dice again!

Vilson Ramirez

San Antonio, TX

Won $30 and 100

Man, I made it in the nick of time! I just referred my friend on Saturday. This is awesome!

Raysean Pugh

Carbondale, IL

I referred a friend and came to roll the dice and won $30.00 I needed to put in gas in my vehicle. Thanks I needed the help.

Roland Spencer

Gallup, TX

Won $30

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