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Reasons To File Your Taxes Early

The word “early” is a word that people have mixed feelings about. Getting up “early” is never a good thing…seriously, how many times do you hit the snooze button? But getting to a movie early can get you great parking, so that’s good. It’s also a word we connect with when filing taxes. The “early” bird not only gets the worm, but also gets their tax returns sooner.

Filing your taxes may seem like a pain, but there are many benefits to getting them completed early. Read below on why you should file your taxes as soon as possible.


Filing taxes early means…

Less stress

In this case, it’s out of sight and out of mind. Save yourself the stress of missing deadlines by filing your taxes early. Plus, filing early will give you the opportunity to get your paperwork in order and prevent any mistakes in the long run.


Tax refunds come sooner

Who wouldn’t want some extra money in their bank pocket? File your taxes early to receive your refund as early as possible. You could use those dollars toward paying off debts, buying things you need, or having fun getting the things you want.


Security from identity theft

 Would you let someone take your wallet? Then why would you let someone take your identity? Don’t give anyone the chance to steal it! Thieves are always looking to steal personal information to use for their own needs, and we want you to avoid those scammers ( Filing your taxes early keeps identity thieves from taking what you’ve worked so hard for.


Start the new year off on the right foot and get those taxes out of the way early. Many of our locations ( offer tax preparation to ensure you get the money you need when you need it. When you visit be sure to bring the following:

  • W2 form(s)
  • 1099(s)
  • SSN(s)
  • Photo ID


File early, be happy. It’s that’s simple! Be sure to visit our website for more information or follow us on Facebook ( and connect with our community for the latest news, updates, and events.