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Home Repairs to Prepare for Winter

It’s that time of year when temperatures across the country start to decline (in some areas more than others), leaves start to change color (if you’re lucky to live in an area where this happens), and everything under the sun is changed into pumpkin flavor. So while you’re avoiding the millions of pumpkin spice promotions, it would be a great time to start preparing your home for winter.

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Add Insulation

Adding additional insulation to your home isn’t the most exciting home project, but it’s one of the most necessary. Begin by checking your attic floor. Can you see the wood framing beneath it? If you can, it’s time to add more insulation. Since heat rises, adding another layer of insulation will lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable come winter.

Seal Your Home

Before winter winds come along, fill the gaps around your windows and door with a waterproof filler or sealant.  Sealing up around the house keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. Nothing is worse than turning into a human popsicle, so keep that warmth in!

Check the Pipes

Freezing pipes seem to be a common issue during the winter months. Get your pipes inspected, and find places in which they’re most exposed to the cold weather. Wrapping your pipes in pipe insulation is one of the best ways to protect them without breaking the bank.

Service The Furnace

This small detail is often overlooked as winter starts. A dirty filter reduces its ability to work against the cold weather. In addition to changing the filter, you should get your furnace serviced before it gets too cold. This will save you money and lots of headaches, or in this case brain freezes!

Taking these steps to winterize your home is definitely worth the time and effort. Need extra money to begin your winter projects? Contact Sun Loan today! Find a location nearest to you. When pocket change can’t cover it, our installment loans for home repair are for you!