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Home Repairs Due To Winter Damage

This year has been a hard winter, leaving many of us feeling like popsicles every time we step outside. Even areas that don’t typically see harsh winters, like Texas, have experienced some of the coldest temperatures to date. If you think you have it bad, imagine how your home feels. It’s unprotected!

Your home has been through it all – the snow, ice and rain. It’s time to repair it from that winter weather damage. Here are the top repairs you may need to make on your home after winter.


Winter weather moisture can cause serious damage to your roof. As the water freezes, thaws, and re-freezes, it can tear up the shingles on your roof. As they deteriorate, some may break, crack, or fall off. This exposes your home to further damage if not repaired properly.

The average cost for these home repairs ranges from $500 to $1750. This is a lot more than any of us might be expecting and having the financial support to cover these costs is never a bad idea.

Home Exterior

The wind and rain do more than just damage your roof, they can damage the outside of your home. Chipped paint, loose siding, even cracks in brick homes can all lead to damages. Again, moisture is your enemy here and as it seeps into any available opening, it will only cause more damage.

Repairs can cost up to $2,500 and having any kind of financial assistance will help you get you closer to ensuring your home is safe and secure for the coming season.


Your windows are your view to the world. A harsh winter can impact the seals that surround the window, and the frame. If the wind has blown tree branches, ice, or any other object against the window, there may be cracks.

The average cost for window repairs starts at $300 and up, depending on how many are damaged. For your safety do these repairs immediately!


Surprisingly, many often forget that trees around your home are at risk for winter damage. Tree branches can crack, trees can start to lean dangerously close to your home. Anything touching your home is a high risk.

The average cost starts at about $500 for tree trimming/cutting and will increase if you need anything removed. These may be costs you were not prepared to make, but we’re here to offer a financial solution.

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