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Back to School, Back to Basics

Back to school is just around the corner and it’s about this time that you realize that your kids need EVERYTHING! You start to think of things like school supplies, clothes, shoes, and those things don’t come cheap. (but if you find a good deal, hook us up!)

Kids want the latest shoes, and they want clothes like the most popular singer, and they need it all now. We know expenses start to add up, but don’t stress! The team here at Sun Loan wants to help.

First thing you need to do is breathe. Remember, we’ve got your back.

Back To School Clothes

Shirts, pants, shoes, socks, it all adds up. There are many stores like Walmart, that offer some really great deals on just about everything. You can also look at thrift stores. Hey Macklemore made thrift stores cool again!

These places offer some great deals on clothes that will keep kids looking good and not break the bank.

Back to School Shoes

Kids today are always aware of their “shoe game.” Basically they want some great shoes for every occasion. Finding deals can be tough, but pay attention to deals where you buy one pair get one free. Deals like that can go a long way for some new kicks.

Cost of Electronics

Nowadays older students need high-end calculators, or even laptops. It may be hard to avoid letting them watch YouTube videos all day, but there are plenty of affordable laptop and calculator options. Nowadays, many stores even offer used electronics with a warranty. It never hurts to seek out a good deal.

Cost of School Supplies

Probably the last thing your kids are thinking of, but the FIRST thing that is on your mind. All the binders, paper, pencil, backpacks, lunch boxes and on and on…these are the items that you know will help prepare them daily for their education. In some cases you won’t find huge sales on these, but you might get lucky.

If only money grew on trees. While we know it doesn’t, your kids may think it does. That’s where we can become a resource. Let’s make this the best back to school year ever.