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Common Pet Costs You Should Be Prepared For

Fur, feathers, scales, fins – you name it, pets come in all varieties. Pet ownership can be quite unpredictable. If only, they could get a job and help pay some bills!  

Your pet’s health is important because they’re family members. So what are some common pet costs that might bite into your budget? Read below to find out.


Some pet breeds need to be taken to the groomer for nail trimming, ear cleaning, baths and more. Grooming visits can be costly. Keep your pet looking clean and healthy by taking them to the groomer every one to two months. 

Full service grooming visit

Cost: $150 depending on size/breed of the pet

Cost of grooming supplies: $50 – $100 depending on what treatment is needed

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas can make your pet’s life miserable. They also carry lots of diseases. Including flea and tick prevention medication to their care is a smart move for your pet’s health. Some clinics even offer discounts if you buy the medication in bulk.

Flea and tick prevention medication and doc visit

Cost: $100 for 3 treatments plus $75 for office visit (cost may be higher depending on severity)

Annual Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important expense because they keep your pet from getting sick. Many grooming places won’t accept your pet if their vaccinations aren’t updated. Keep their shot records maintained to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

Annual vaccinations

Cost: $150

Ear Infections

Some breeds are prone to develop ear infections seasonally. Ear infections can be very painful for pets and should be treated immediately. It usually takes a few weeks for the infection to fully disappear, which means that your pet will need more office visits. 

Vet visit and cost of ear infection medication

Cost: $150 for treatment plus $75 for office visit

Allergic Reactions

Sometimes pets eat foods that give them allergic reactions. They can also be exposed to allergens by just being outdoors. Serious reactions need to be treated by a physician and it can be pricey depending on the type of medication the veterinarian prescribes. 

Cost for allergy testing 

Cost: $200 to $300

Eye Injury

Eye injuries can be serious and if not treated can cause serious infections for your pets. It’s important to visit a veterinarian right away. Minor eye injuries might be treatable with medication, but severe injuries could require surgery. Don’t let the light of their eyes go out!

Eye injury visits, low end, and surgery high end

Cost: $300 to $3,500


Expenses for pets can add up fast. Make a plan so you can cover their medical bills when they need it most. We understand that unexpected situations can make saving difficult. If that happens, talk to the Sun Loan team. We’re here to help with all of life’s emergencies.