6 Valentine’s Gift Ideas You Should Consider

Have you been hit by cupid’s arrow? Are you clueless on what to give your Valentine? Picking a gift for your sweetheart can be difficult. But never fear, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these gift ideas that...

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When A Shutdown Delays Tax Returns, You Have Another Option

Federal government shutdowns impact more than government employees. Many Americans fear this will affect their tax return. So, what does the 2019 government shutdown mean for you and your tax return? The IRS plans to proceed with processing returns but,...

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Installment Loans For Better Financial Health

We exercise when we want better health. We go to the dentist when we want better oral health. Where do we go when our financial health needs help? Your Sun Loan team works hard to be the solution to get...

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Reasons To File Your Taxes Early

The word “early” is a word that people have mixed feelings about. Getting up “early” is never a good thing…seriously, how many times do you hit the snooze button? But getting to a movie early can get you great parking,...

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Tips For Holiday Travel

The holidays are almost here, which means families will be getting together to celebrate, catch up, and share new stories about what has happened in their lives. There’s no reason to miss out, but travel itself can be very stressful....

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