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How to Save Money While On Summer Vacation

Family vacations might remind you of the days of being cramped in the family car, that bad foot smell from your older brother, bad music (because your parents controlled the radio), with just a sprinkle of fun here and there. Now it’s time for you to do this vacation thing right.

Deciding where to go is easy, budgeting your vacation is hard too. Everyone deserves a break. These tips on how to save money while on vacation will not only reduce your overall expenses, they could possibly make you a hero (cape and super powers not included).


1. Kids Eat Free

Have young kids? Take advantage of the places where kids eat free. Some places say kids 12 and under eat free… AMAZING! And if you’re on the shorter side, like I am, you just might be able to pass for 12… maybe.

2. Pack Snacks

If your stomach is growling louder than the engine of your car, you need to eat. While traveling, you’ll be eating out a lot and it will add up. If you begin to wonder, how to save money on food on vacation, then it’s time to shop for snacks. Why not stop by a dollar store and stock up? It’ll keep you and your kiddos from getting “hangry” while on the road.

3. Bring Water

That 64-oz monster drink will only last you so long. Instead of spending money on drinks why not bring some water bottles. Don’t like water? Pick up some Gatorade to keep you going. WARNING: You’ll need to make A LOT of “pit stops.”

4. Find FREE Things to Do

You may have your own ideas on how to save on vacation. Let’s be honest. The best ideas are free. Free is everyone’s favorite price and we don’t blame you. If you’re traveling to a bigger city, do a quick Internet search and see what free events are happening while you’re in town. It’s a great way to explore the city.

5. Look For Group Discounts and Coupons

Families of four or more should keep an eye out for group discounts. Coupons can typically be found in travel guides, newspapers, or brochures from the city you’re visiting and even at the local travel offices. When visiting a hotel, ask about coupons to area attractions. You never know, they may have a few to offer.

6. Save on Gas When Traveling by Auto

Having your auto inspected and repaired before you hit the road will save on gas. Depending on the type of repair, you could save a significant amount of money in the long-run. Get familiar with your route and get directions beforehand. Knowing where you’re going in advance will save time and keep you from getting lost. And, when you can, walk. Bring along a good pair of walking shoes to take advantage of opportunities to tour by foot. Walking is not only fun but, a great way to get in your steps while saving gas.

7. Research Non-Tourist Destinations

Avoid the crowds and lines by visiting places that are less popular. It’s much more peaceful, can be more fun, and are usually less expensive than some of the tourist traps you’ll find. Who doesn’t want to see the biggest ball of rubber bands in the world? C’mon… It’ll be fun.
Now’s the time to plan for that summer trip and our team is here to help you make that happen. If you need money fast, it’s what we are here to do. Visit any of our locations across eight states and let’s get you going!


Now’s the time to plan for that summer trip and our team is here to help you make that happen. Use these tips on how to save money on vacation and if you need a little extra, we can help. Visit any of our locations or apply online.