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6 Family Fun Activities On A Budget

Summer time means the kids are home all day, eating a lot more food, and in need of entertainment. With all the energy they have, it’s important to find something to stay cool, have fun, and not let those high temps get you drained. Don’t worry, our team has ideas that are fun and will avoid breaking the bank.

Affordable Activities For Everyone!

Water Fun

Nothing feels better than a dip in the water during a hot and humid day. It’s refreshing, comforting, and a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter what type of water you’re jumping into, a pool, a lake, or a beach. Take your pick. Pack some food in an ice chest and spend some time out by the water.

Picnic at The Park

Not into swimming? No worries, pack up a basket, the ice chest, and head to the park with some family or friends. Find a nice shaded spot to sit down, maybe find a grill at the park, and enjoy some time outdoors. Bring a frisbee, football, or just bring chairs to sit around and enjoy some company.

Explore A New City

If you know your city or town too well, why not explore a new one. This is especially fun if you have a major metropolitan area nearby that you can just walk around to see new things. If, not, look for fun things to see along the way such as nature’s beauty, or some of man’s greatest creations such as World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball, World’s Biggest Hog, etc. Sites like that make for great stories.

Movie Night

Here’s an idea that requires no travel at all. Pick a few of your favorite movies, sit with family or friends, and enjoy a movie marathon. Make it more fun by making it a potluck so everyone has something to eat. Who’s hungry?

Library Fun

Have kids? Explore a library near you. This is a great way for your kids to take adventures without leaving the house and it’s a skill they can work on. Make it even more interesting by creating a theme and letting them pick books that revolve around that theme.

Board Game Night

Board games are making a comeback as a fun family past time. Pick up a few, or pull a few out of your closet and set up a night of fun. You could also make this a potluck night and everyone can bring something they love to share with others. Before you know it, it’ll be midnight and time to call it.

No matter what you do, there are always ways to make summer, affordable and fun. We understand that every family is different, so if you know of other ways to have some fun, please share them on our Facebook page and help give others some ideas that are not listed here.

Need money for any of those activities? That’s what our Sun Loan team is here for. We make it easy for you to have fun this summer. Just visit any of our locations and let our team help you get the money you need.