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4 Tips to Avoid A Financial Scam

Every year scammers look for new ways to take advantage of people, either by phone, by email or using social media. These bad people are frauds and will try everything to get you to give them your hard earned money. DON’T DO IT!

We are sharing four things that you MUST know to avoid being a victim.

Tip #1 – Banking Information
Sun Loan will NEVER ask for your bank account information. This is what scammers want the most. By providing them access to your bank account information, they will have access to your money.

Tip #2 – Personal Information
Our Sun Loan professionals will only contact you IF you submitted an application online, by phone, at one of our many locations, or if you call one of the offices listed on our website. If you are contacted and are asked to provide personal information, DO NOT give that information out.

Tip #3 – Financial Purchases
Sun Loan will never ask for any type of fees or prepaid cards up front. If the scammer on the other end is asking you to pay for something in advance, hang up the phone. If it’s via email, delete it. If it’s by mail, throw it away.

Tip #4 – Loan Amounts Vary By State
Depending on where you live, the loan amount available to you will be different. We operate in several states across the United States to make it easy for you to get the money you need when you need it, with affordable monthly payments.

The amount available for your installment loan varies as follows:

  • Alabama – $3000
  • Illinois – $4000
  • Missouri – $3,500
  • Nevada -$ 4,000
  • New Mexico – $4,500
  • Oklahoma – $1,500
  • Texas – $1,375

If someone calls you and tells you that you’ve been approved for a loan you didn’t ask for, this is a big RED FLAG!

Fraud Alerts For Better Financial Health

We sympathize with anyone who has fallen prey, and we want to help you avoid becoming a victim. The team at Sun Loan will always find a way to update our customers with the latest fraud alerts by:

  • Updating the homepage of our website
  • Post the latest alerts on our Facebook page
  • Speak to our customers in person when they visit any of our locations

It’s important to know the difference and verify the information. Ask for a phone number, website address and location address. Do your homework. Your privacy and protection is our highest concern!